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Electronics regulations under review

A review of the way regulations for the electronics sector are enforced will be conducted by a leading industry body, the government has said.

techUK, which represents 850 firms collectively employing more than 500,000 people, will lead the review under a programme that allows business groups to help shape regulatory frameworks.

techUK's review will examine:

  • UK export controls on electronic products compared with other countries'
  • the time it takes for UK firms to obtain export licenses.

Business Minister Matthew Hancock said:

"By putting employers in the driving seat they can create the regulatory and enforcement landscape that works for them, fostering growth and aiding record job creation since 2010."

Ashley Evans, director of electronics at techUK, said:

"The UK's capabilities in the electronics sector have great potential to drive UK exports, however companies have to be able to move quickly to win new business and they need a level playing field. Enabling an efficient, fast process from the regulator and getting the evidence on whether everyone is applying the rules in the same way will help UK exporters in the electronics systems supply chain."

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